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Legal Bench

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Morgan, Brown & Joy LLP


New England’s oldest and largest management-side employment law firm. The firm has concentrated in representing employers in employment law litigation and providing employment law counseling and advice since the 1920’s. In addition to wage & hour expertise, the 30 lawyers at Morgan Brown & Joy LLP routinely apply their skills to workplace discrimination issues, disability issues, sexual harassment issues, union issues, wrongful discharge claims, and non-competition issues, to name just some of the subjects among the entire scope of employment law. Morgan, Brown & Joy LLP is unmatched in New England in its depth, breadth and experience in providing employers with employment law services.


Attorney List

Keith H. McCown


Keith H. McCown has been a partner with the firm of Morgan, Brown & Joy since 1987, and he has been involved with employment and labor law since his first professional job in 1975.


Like all of the attorneys at Morgan, Brown & Joy, Keith is an employment law generalist, handling cases in the federal and state courts, before federal and state regulatory agencies, and in alternative dispute resolution venues such as arbitration and mediation.  Keith advises and defends clients on a wide range of employment law issues, including workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, wage & hour, Family and Medical Leave Act, and disability and accommodation claims, to name just a few.


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