Who We Are

Generosity, caring, competence.


Workforce Management…
Simple and Affordable…
With a Human Touch!

Based in Stoughton, Massachusetts, TimePays was founded in 1998 in the spirit of GENEROSITY combined with both attitudinal and financial competence. Unlike many payroll companies, caring for the people we serve is at the very heart of what we do, how we think, and the value we provide each day. This is the manner with which we conduct our business.


In the beginning, we were looking for a industry in the area of professional services where we could make a contribution. From this agenda the idea of TimePays evolved. We analyzed the payroll services and time and attendance industry. We listened for and looked at the pain of payroll industry clients and formulated the company based upon the resolution of client pain in the management, time and attendance, payroll, payroll tax and human resource industries. Today, we continue to help employers take care of their organizations by taking care of their employees and workforce management needs. 

Flexible, practical client care

We believe in adapting to our clients, not the other way around.

TimePays incorporates state of the art technology with human sensitivity and pragmatic solutions. This means we only try to deploy technology to the extent that the client can handle. We focus on the client’s capabilities and needs rather than try to automate to the point of human frustration. We adapt to client capabilities rather than make the client adapt to our system. We want your experience of us to work for you!






Attention to detail

Client retention | Flexible payroll provider
Listening outsource paycheck services

We invest in listening

Our solution is much more than outsourcing paycheck services. We take a deeper look at your processes.


We take a unique approach to solving your payroll, time management, and HR workforce challenges. Process analysis is at the core of what we do and offer to our clients. We’ll commit our expertise and resources to analyze your processes and enhance how you operate. Our solution is more than outsourcing the problem.


Retention Rate

By resolving pain we have achieved high double-digit growth year after year along with an industry leading client satisfaction / retention rate of over 99%.

Why Choose Us

Bridging the gap between your workforce, technology and personal service.


What happens when unforeseen circumstances or mistakes happen? What kind of provider do you want to partner with? When errors crop up occasionally, we make every effort to take responsibility and reconcile to our client’s satisfaction.

Controls & Systems

Then we look to find out why it happened and set up controls and systems to try to prevent the issue from recurring.


Clients also make mistakes. Rather than look for blame we look to generously fix the problem first. Our exceptional attentiveness to client care results in the highest client retention rate in the industry (99%).

Real, live human support

We support your payroll needs with real live human beings (no phone queues) that genuinely care about your satisfaction and the accuracy of your product.

Start lowering your labor and administration costs today.